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Subsequence Magazine Volume 4

The new issue is accompanied by a special fashion appendix of 24 pages curated by Stephen Mann. The theme of Vol.4, “Small Talk”, will focus on the importance of time; we wanted to turn our eyes to the moments like when you enjoy a small, casual conversation with people you love.

The opening essays were written by Kanako Nishi(Author), Monique Kawecki(Editor), Shohei Takagi(Musician), Katsumi Omori(Photographer).

Our special feature titled “Three Small Talks” will bring together Keiko Mori (Documentary Director) and Suzuko Yamada (Architect), Kathleen Reilly (Artist / Metal Worker) and Minori Shirotori (Gyokusendo Store Manager), and Pico Iyer (Author) and Yoshiko Nagai (Curator) an eclectic mix of individuals with a diverse set of commonalities for carefree conversation with no set themes.

Other features will include an interview with visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura, a report exploring the near 100-year history of traditional interior design company and store, Svenskt Tenn, as well as an article on the phantom craft of Ako Dantsu hailing from Ako City in Hyogo Prefecture.

Special separate volume featuring a fashion story of visvim and WMV called “This is the Life,” by Stylist Stephen Mann.

With new perspectives on “My Experience,” an essay by Kelsi Nakamura, designer of WMV, and “SIGHTS N’ SNACKS MUNICH” by renowned New York illustrator Tamara Shopsin, ” Zen Hiker Part Three” by illustrator Jerry Ukai, “Open Wheelers and Friends” by Naito Auto, “Macetown, New Zealand Gold Rush Diary” by photographer Gentaro Ishizuka, and “Tangible & Visible,” a comic strip by Nakaban.

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