The founders behind the agency Moon, now welcomes Space Magazine 03, an architecture and design magazine that combines photography and writing with the subject of living. The third issue, launched November 5th at Gallery V1 in Copenhagen, return home, paying our respect to the renowned photographer Lars Tunbjörk who had his break with the vividly colorful and absurd images of everyday life at his home- town Borås, Sweden. Lars Tunbjörk passed away while we completed the latest issue of Space Magazine this spring. The issue is dedicated to our contributors, photographers and writers, personal studies of home, in its various meanings. Take Sophie Hicks, a rare female star in the world of architecture, who designed store concepts for Chloe and Yohji Yamamoto. Famous for androgynous style, unflappable manner and tremendous energy, she invites Space Magazine to visit her office on the top floor of her home in Notting Hill, London. In Tokyo, we interview Norwegian artist Gardar Eine Einarsson, known for his stark black and white artworks and installations – photographed by Takashi Homma in his Kazunari Sakamoto designed home. We also combine Finnish home design icons by Alvar Aalto and Tapio Wirkkala, produced by Iittala, with new designs for the modern home, done by the Bourroullec brothers. Additionally, you will find contributions by photographers Rachel Chandler, Ola Kolehmainen, Anders Edström, Marlen Muller, Marc Høm and Lars Tunbjörk.

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