Why don’t you cover fashion brands?” Until a few years ago, we used to get this question from readers or friends frequently. Of course, we have covered various brands of bags, shoes, and sunglasses since the inaugural edition of Magazine B, but it was only recently that we started to study brands dedicated to “fashion” in the classical sense of “high fashion” brands who play pivotal roles in leading and setting trends for the fashion industry. We became even more acquainted with fashion when we introduced Maison Margiela and Acne Studios. But in this edition, we introduce Chanel, a brand that spans across an entire spectrum of fashion, cosmetics, and fine jewelry. We looked at the brand’s past, how it was conceived and evolved over the years, and we looked at how it currently influences all aspects of the luxury goods industry. Nowadays, young consumers are attracted to small and distinct concept brands called “niche” brands or brands operating in the form of studios, collectives, and labs. In this context, what does it mean to talk about Chanel, the fashion empire? It is interesting to note that Gabrielle Chanel was a rebel who broke all the rules and conventions when she created Chanel in the early 20th century.

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