For most of us, our work desk is not only where we spend most of our time throughout the day, but it’s a personal space that’s not exactly private. Therefore, people don’t usually place precious and expensive objects or things that require a lot of careful maintenance on their work desks. But you still need something that says “me.” I think people who work in a creative industry, in particular, will agree with this to a certain extent. Using or looking at a certain object can help us momentarily clear our heads and give our brains a respite from work. The same is true for my work desk, from which I’m writing these very words. A lot of objects catch my eye: mini candles, decorative knickknacks that fit in the palm of my hand, chocolates and mints in well-designed cases, and local brand post-its and lip balms from my travels and business trips. Many of them are things I use every day yet are not irreplaceable. They offer a small morale boost in the same way a good cup of coffee does. But more importantly, they’re all objects that can be used within a communal office space without causing much distress. That’s a bit like how I view the products of Hay, the living and lifestyle brand we’re focusing on in this issue. My first experience with Hay came in the form of a pair of gold-colored scissors displayed in a design shop somewhere in Europe.

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