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We’ve brought together an incredible group of contributors to the sixth issue of White Zinfandel, dedicated to the theme of POWER. Food and art share a vocabulary of taste, tasting, and tastemakers, but our thoughts kept climbing to the top of the taste pyramid, where food tasters work to intercept powerful poisons en route to the stomachs of heads of state.

Each contributor could be as free with form and abstract as they liked. Approaches to the theme could reference, but not be limited to, political, social, or literal power, or just the impression left by power after it’s moved on. Power distorts, power exalts, and power corrupts, but we’re hoping that the power of art, and the power of food, will push you down some interesting paths.

We celebrated the sixth issue launch with our POW WOW brunch during Art Basel Miami Beach at the Buckminster Fuller Dome in Miami Design District’s Palm Court. In partnership with Stella Artois and supported by ICA Miami and Miami Design District, guests received limited-edition plates by Christian Haas and enjoy a lunch menu by Ignacio Mattos and Aidan O’Neal of Estela.

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