Made for the people who make running, running. Based between Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Capetown, and Melbourne. Make Running is a bi-annual magazine focussing on moments and places through running, it publishes stories, interviews, and essays – with an aim to challenge the established ways one stride at a time. Providing a unique and timely perspective on the way runners think, act and breath. Issue one drives wide-eyed into the Death Valley sunrise during The Speed Project – an event known to push running to its limits. 80 pages designed by London based designer Sam Bailey, with the cover photographed by Toronto based Jackie Beale and data visualizations by thr34d5 Design Studio. The pages that shape Issue 01 read with pieces about the relationship running has to delusion, an expose on ego, what it means to listen (or not listen) to your body. The risk that the Nike, Blue Ribbon Sports team took to win, Food behaviors, an informative and helpful guide. Finding running through cinematic classics, the art of the relay handover, team experiences and a different kind of hangover. Running is a conversation between the mind and body. Make Running translates that conversation into printed pages for those who run.

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