Jonathan Anderson with West Dakota and Parker Kit Hill photographed by Daniel Rampulla. Featuring original artwork, photography and stories by Tyler Akers, Pol Anglada, Steven Arnold, Elias Baez, Bruce Benderson, Peter Berlin, Lia Clay, Vincent Dilio, Katt Fox, Matt Grubb, Stephen Kent Johnson, Charlie Le Mindu, Eric McArthur, Steven Menendez, Duane Michales, Slava Mogutin, Silvia Prada, Daniel Rampulla, Chris Stewart, Richie Talboy, Daniel Trese, Gerardo Vizmanos, Brian Vu and  many more.

NDH Gayletter Kim Petras Silent Wall New Distribution

This ninth issue is inspired by the brave artists who never let censorship compromise their creativity, so they decided to publish two covers. The ascending pop star Kim Petras has advocated for transgender visibility since adolescence, becoming the youngest German to undergo gender confirmation surgery. Vivienne Maricevic spent the early 1980s photographing male burlesque clubs, and her photo of a naked young man with legs bent over his head is a remnant of a time when self-expression was in all its glory in the heart of our city. (A limited edition of 250 copies were printed).

Also featured in this issue is an essay by Gio Black Peter, titled “Your Post Has Been Deleted.” Gio, an expert in censored social media, has lost 10 Instagrams, 15 Facebooks, two YouTubes and four Vimeos, all because he dared post nude photos of himself — God forbid someone might see a naked body on the internet.

Penny Arcade, whose 1990 one-woman show Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! was a blistering, and hilarious, indictment of our culture’s fear of sex and nakedness. A Warhol girl, Penny expounds upon the fight and fun in trying to understand yourself in a world eager to say no.

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